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Morgan & Company is committed to support client business planning initiatives through value-added, technical research and analysis.

We are dedicated to a research approach which results in actionable market information and recommendations.

Each project begins with a clear understanding of the client's needs.
All research is conducted on a proprietary and confidential basis.
The end-result is a report that includes an overview, observations, recommendations and optimal future strategies based on the completed research.
Approximately 80% of projects are automotive-industry related. 
The others are conducted for a wide range of markets including consumer products, healthcare, telecommunications; as well as service organizations such as law firms, corporate security/investigators, executive protection firms and advertising agencies.
Typical Projects Include: 
Market Studies - Component Analysis   
Acquisition & Joint Venture Analysis 
Manufacturing Processes and Trends
Materials Usage and Trends
Patent & Trademark Research
Competitive Intelligence / Organizational Profiles
Value-Added Option Rates and Forecasts - Automotive
Advertising and Promotional Strategies
Primary Market Research  
Morgan & Company, Inc. 
Automotive Research, Analysis & Forecast Services


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