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January, 2020 News & Analysis Below

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January 1, 2020  -  Morgan & Company, Inc.  Regarding US Auto Sales
We will post an Overview Page & a few charts regarding December auto sales after our analysis is complete.
Automakers will be reporting December sales on January 3rd.
Due to circumstances - actual data may not be available until Monday January 6th.  
Overview only.
GM, Ford and FCA only report US sales quarterly.
So, although they may report to us monthly, we can only report our overall totals, excluding their
respective Corp/Group/Brand/Model breakdowns.

January 3, 2020  -  US Auto Sales - December, 2019 and Annual Totals:
This is a snapshot - excluding Group/Brand totals.
We have received all data from the respective organizations although we respect the not-for-public
distribution (embargo) so this includes only overall totals.

We will, likely, report all Group/Brand totals next week.

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