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                 U.S. Auto Sales Analysis by Morgan & Company
Comprehensive automotive sales analysis widely utilized by the automakers, automotive suppliers, analysts and journalists.
Each monthly report contains unique, in-depth information that is e-mailed directly to you.  Not only do you receive the most thorough reports available, you will have the complete analysis before even cursory information is published elsewhere.
Reports are provided in Excel file format.

As of 2019 GM, Ford and FCA have decided to only provide sales data quarterly,
therefore we will only report sales here without breaking out said manufacturers,
following their requests.  And, most importantly, we will no longer provide subscriptions
to US Monthly Auto Sales Analysis.

While they may still provide monthly data we are not allowed to publish it.
Only quarterly data. 

Therefore our monthly reports, going forward, will only reflect our estimates for
GM, Ford, and FCA.  And where they report actual sales we will only report overall
totals without breaking out, or displaying totals for GM, Ford or FCA. 
That is per their request.


Each Overview Report is generally published and available on the 1st business day of the month, except when the first business day of the month follows a Sunday or Holiday.
For information, including samples, contact us directly or by e-mail.  Contact Form

US Auto Sales - Monthly Summary Pages in PDF Format:



December, 2017 Summary Page

December, 2018 Summary Page


January, 2019 Totals Page

February, 2019 Summary Page

March, 2019 Summary Page

April, 2019 Summary Page

May, 2019 Summary Page

June, 2019 Summary Page

July, 2019 Summary Page

August, 2019 Summary Page

September, 2019 Summary Page

October, 2019 Summary Page

November, 2019 Summary Page

December, 2019 Summary Page

January, 2020 Summary Page

February, 2020 Summary Page

March, 2020 Summary Page

April, 2020 Summary Page

May, 2020 Summary Page

June, 2020 Summary Page



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