Morgan & Company, Inc. Company Profile

Mark Morgan Cornelius established Morgan & Company, Inc. in August of 1992 in order to address the needs of vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers, analysts, and journalists.

Morgan & Company, Inc. and Mark M. Cornelius provide a unique and insightful perspective to the automotive industry.

In addition to the company's core services, Mark's opinions and customized analysis are regularly utilized by a wide variety of business and trade publications.

Morgan & Company, Inc.’s Core Services Include

  • Automotive Sales Analysis
  • North American Vehicle Production Forecast
  • Future Automotive Product Plans Report
  • Customized Automotive Research/Solutions

Mission Statement

Morgan & Company, Inc.'s mission is to continually provide reliable automotive information, accurate forecasts, actionable research, and recommendations that will improve the strategic position of client organizations.

Core Competencies

  • In-depth knowledge of the automotive industry.
  • Ability to respond quickly to customer requests.
  • An extensive network of contacts within vehicle manufacturing organizations and their suppliers.
  • Able to provide information and insight to customers in a form that can be acted on effectively and accurately.
  • Unique perspective.
  • Objectivity & Accuracy—Comprehensive statistics and reporting and Accurate and reliable forecast services

Website Architecture

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